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August 4, 2019 Free
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  • Aug 4, 2019
    12:30pm - 1:30pm


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About Say Yes

Join us for an amazing kick-off to the school year! Parents will be able to connect with their child's small group leader. This is a critical part of our Family Ministry as we exist to make a way for families to discover a relationship with God, themselves, and others. Through our 'Say Yes' Event, you'll get some real application as a parent learning to teach your child about the Lord. We're going to tackle the topic of saying yes to the tension that exists as our kids learn about the world and God. If you don't say yes to the tension, kids will start thinking God is a lot smaller than He really is. We say: Yes - you can know God, but yes - God is a mystery. Yes - the bible is true, but yes - everything true about life is not in the bible. Your kids will face struggles that are not directly in the bible. Kids need to know that God is even bigger than the bible. Childcare will be provided for this event.